So, What Are You Going to do With all Those Photos?


I freely and unabashedly admit that I love living in a time such as this.  A time when never before has it been easier to document your life.  Tell your life story.  Take photos of the every day stuff.  We are surrounded and bombarded by modern technology and social media. I love it.  Of course, […]

Dream Big

Diane Rooney Designs Dream Big Oct 2014

So it’s been four months since we made the big move to Cornwall.  We thought it might be a little bit hard adjusting to a whole new lifestyle, new places and meeting new people.  Fortunately we were wrong.  Yes, I miss my family back in Kent.  Yes, we’re still not completely unpacked and still have […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Get in Front of the Camera


  I know I drive my family crazy sometimes with taking photos when we’re all together.  It’s what I do.  I love photos.  I love capturing all the times we’re together and also those fun “no one knows you’re snapping” candid shots!  In recent years I’ve been very aware that I too need to be […]

Floral Friday Freebie Digital Papers + How To Print 12″ Digital Papers


I know I’m going to say this every Friday, but where has the past week gone?  It’s Friday again.  Wow!  Ok so here’s another digital paper download for you.  More floral goodness.  All my patterns are my own designs hand drawn in my sketch book, scanned into Photohsop and then fine tuned in Illustrator. They’re […]

Floral Friday Freebie Digital Papers + How To Print 12″ Digital Papers


Free digital papers to download and use for digital scrapbooking, card making and other paper crafting projects.  Easy to print instructions below! Sitting here very early hours of the morning, I can hardly believe another week has gone by so fast.  I’m excited to be doing this series of freebies here on my blog.  I […]

Loving the Creativity


One of the reasons for our move to Cornwall was to be surrounded by amazing natural beauty.  There’s no doubt that where we live now has fuelled our creativity and inspired has to come up with more adventurous products and pursuits.  From walks on the beach to wandering around our garden, there’s inspiration everywhere we […]

Floral Friday Freebie + How To Print 12″ Digital Paper


One of my favourite subjects to draw and doodle has to be flowers.  Who doesn’t love doodling flowers?!  Ok, so I thought it would be fun to actually do something with some of my illustrations other than make digital scrapbooking and paper crafting products out of them.  How about a Floral Friday Freebie?  Be sure […]

Moved To Cornwall


One of my strongest and earliest memories is standing outside my grandparents home with my Nan in London saying goodbye to my Grandad.  I used to think it was a dream until I told my Dad about it and he was so surprised as he said I was just a toddler about 2 yrs old. […]

How To Use Pattern Overlay Templates in Photoshop


Overview: For this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use and colour pattern overlay templates, including how to create a clipping path for re-colouring.  I will also show you how to use layer blend modes to achieve different effects. Notes: This tutorial was created using Photoshop CS 5 – they are fairly basic […]

Getting Started with Digital Scrapbooking

Diane Rooney Designs - How to get started with Digital Scrapbooking

“What is digital scrapbooking and how do I get started”  is the most common question I get asked in regards to my graphic products.  First of all, let’s answer the question “what is digital scrapbooking?” Digital scrapbooking is telling your story + preserving memories creatively through photo art and journalling using your computer and graphic […]