Hopeless Romantic


I am indeed a hopeless romantic.  I love this quote and decided to create a little mixed media art piece with it.  Perfect with Valentine’s Day just around the corner!

It’s painted on watercolour paper with acrylic paints.  Alphabet (rubber) stamps were used to create the letter imprints.  I then scanned it into Photoshop and added the text.  Sometimes I write directly onto the art but this time I really felt like that quote needed beautiful script and my handwriting isn’t up to scratch for that!

Hope you love it as much as I do.  Please feel free to share it and Pin it.


  1. Pinned! Lovely piece Diane. Simple in the most encouraging way! Meaning I could do this!

    • Thanks Shirley, yes it’s really quite easy to do and fun! I used some Jo Sonja acrylic paints (but you can use any) on good quality watercolour paper using just paper towels and wet wipes for painting! Fun! Using stamps to get imprints in the paint is a great way of adding a bit of interest too.

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