Pushing Through

I’m still struggling with feeling unwell and suffering from the knock on effect in my life.  Nothing is grabbing me.  Everything feels like it’s too much of an effort.  I have no motivation or inspiration.  Creativity is at an all time low.  While some days I’m ok with that and I know I need to rest, there are other days where it overwhelms me and makes me mad or depressed.  They’re the days that I know I have to do something proactive to prevent myself from going into a tailspin.

On those days I just have to push through.  You know, the old “fake it, till you make it” thing.  I decided that I would “just do” and see what happened.  Actually it was my other half that suggested I try it as a way of “snapping out” of how I was feeling.  He reminded me of a conversation I’d recently had with my sister [who is also unwell at the moment].  Encouraging her forward and doing “little bits” at a time to see how she felt.  To push through.  One thing at a time.

Steve suggested that I take my own advice.

It really worked.  Initially I was going to finish a sewing project I started last year but found myself sorting out all my fabrics, wool and other various craft bits and pieces.  I discovered a handful of projects, in varying states of completion, I’d totally forgotten about.  It turned out to be a good exercise.   I felt like I’d accomplished something and much better than if I’d sat there all evening feeling so “bleh”.  Pushing through does help.  My mood was elevated and it motivated me to do more.

Pushing through isn’t always a good idea thouhgh.  You have to be sure of why you’re feeling rotten, apathetic or uninspired.  We all have creative peaks and troughs.  It’s learning to listen and know when they’re happening.  I know how I’m feeling is directly tied into me being unwell.  I know when to stop and do nothing.  And I know when I need to push through especially when I sense I’m in danger of getting lost in a “red mist” and sinking into a dark, angry and depressed place.  I sense it and feel it rising.  That’s when I know I have to find something physical and practical to do.  During the day, that’s my cue to go for a walk but in the evenings – especially these early, dark and cold evenings – I’m limited to what can be done indoors.

And it’s not like I have nothing to do.  Oh indeed the opposite is true.  Everything from doing my photo albums, sorting out my grandparents scrapbook, Christmas cards to be made, clothes to be sorted, paintings to be done, patterns to be designed and so much more.  It’s the whole lack of inspiration.  And so pushing through helps me get started.  Even if I get sidetracked and deviate from what I originally wanted to do, I don’t care.  I got up.  I did something.  I feel better.  It’s a mood changer.  And it works for me.   I’d love to know what helps you when you’re lacking inspiration and motivation to get anything done?


  1. I’m really sorry to hear you’re feeling so low but I think that’s such a great point you’ve made – pushing through can help you gain momentum.

    I think when I feel overwhelmed (and I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment as there is SO much I want to do), I try to think of the old “eat an elephant” thing … Just do it small bite by small bite. Start ANYWHERE, cause starting somewhere that’s maybe not perfect is better than doing nothing. Achieving ANYTHING is better than achieving nothing.

    And so, things snowball. I guess that’s life though, really, isn’t it? Peaks and troughs? Cause if we didn’t have these troughs, we’d never appreciate the peaks properly?

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