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New Year Journals 2014

Every New Year I make sure I have a new diary, journal and recently Leonie Dawson’s “Create Your Amazing Year” work book.

These three things really help me to kick off the New Year.  I love having a diary that I can actually write in.  Yes, I use my iPhone calendar too.  My diary sits on my desk and goes in my handbag when I’m out and about.  I used it for both business and personal appointments and general reminders.  The past two years I’ve used the Busy Life (for home and work) Diary.  I love that it’s a week-to-view, has plenty of space & little pockets for stuff.  Plus it’s just the right size for my handbag.  Oh and I love the designs.

My journal is a Martha Stewart one.  It’s her Martha Stewart Home Office Shagreen Journal – I bought mine at Staples.  I love the quality of the paper, pockets for stuff (I always seems to have odd pieces of paper to jam in there ha!), there’s also a nice elastic for when it’s closed plus a ribbon book mark.  I my journal mainly for planning new products, initial doodling of my pattern designs, writing out my goals from day to day, week to week and month to month.  It’s basically for anything related to running my business including blog and my Facebook business page posts.  It helps to keep me focused as I have a terrible habit of getitng side-tracked and can be known to procrastinate!   Looking at a to do list, product plans etc.. is usually enough to get my backside in gear!  And I love looking back over it after a couple of months and especially at the end of the year.

And finally the Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Amazing Year work book.  This is quite new to me.  I discovered Leonie a couple of years ago via Marie Forleo’s B-School course and I love her gentle, fun and authentic approach to life and business.  Her annual workbook is very specifically created with lots of prompts to help you achieve your goals for the whole year for both your personal life and business (if you’re in business).  We all know that New Year can also be a time for “resolutions” that last a few days if you’re lucky – I don’t make them any more for that reason – mine would last a day.  I do love, however, planning and creating very specific goals and dreams and Leonie’s workbook is a great tool for not only helping you focus on what you want to achieve (how often do we just sit and think “I have no idea what I want” but you know you want to change or start something new) but also to stay focused for the year.

As I’ve mentioned before, this is all about the journey you’re on.  And so you have to be kind to yourself when the road you’re on gets a bit bumpy, deviates round huge bends or even when you face a crossroads.  That’s all ok.  As long as you hold onto those goals, hopes and dreams, you do eventually find your way.  Just not always on the road you thought!

Do you have any rituals or “must haves” to help you kick off the New Year?  I’d love to know.



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  1. Oooh, these all look scrummy! Let us know how you like the workbook…

    I HAVE to have a We’Moon diary every year. I tear out pages of the past year’s to use in my journal – just love the poetry and artwork :)

    • Wow Claire, I’ve not seen them before, they’re lovely. I’m loving the workbook… still filling it in doing a little each day so it’s done by the end of January.

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