Single User Licence Agreement 

Terms of Use for Diane Rooney Digital Products - Illustrations, Clipart Packs, Digital Tools and Patterns sold via Etsy.

All products, graphics, images are copyright Diane Rooney ©2019 All Rights Reserved.

You are purchasing a licence to use the product, you are not buying the product itself. Ownership and copyright remains with Diane Rooney. It is a non‐exclusive, nontransferable licence. By purchasing and/or downloading a product from Diane Rooney, you accept responsibility to have read and understood the contents of this licence, and shall agree to all terms set out in this licence.

It is a Personal Use and Angel Use Licence.

Angel Use Licence allows you to create derivative products to sell in a small, home business setting. You cannot use my designs "AS IS". It has to be incorporated into another design created by you. NO MASS PRODUCTION.


  • make a back‐up of the files on an external hardrive (specifically owned and used by you), CD/DVD for your own personal use.

  • create derivative products for sale including, but not limited to digital and/or printed:‐

    • photo cards

    • invitations

    • greeting cards

    • web graphics

    • tags

    • stationery

    • party printables such as cupcake wrappers, banners, gift boxes

    • CUSTOM "one off" or "one of a kind" items such as a t‐shirt, baby vests (onesies), mugs, cups, bags, totes etc.

    • use Photoshop and/or Photoshop Elements tool products such as brushes, styles, patterns in the creation of your own graphics for sale such as papers, printables, embellishments, alphabets

    • create scrapbook layouts, albums, for others in a small business setting use these products to create web graphics including headers, backgrounds and buttons for your own personal or small business (as defined above) website or blog.

    • submit your layouts, greeting cards or any other items you create using our products to magazines, books, galleries etc.. no credit required for online galleries, blogs.


  • use our designs "as is" - they should be incorporated into your work.

  • create tubes, brushes, patterns, styles or any other similar image editing tools for sale, or as freebies.

  • create derivative products that are going to be sold to large companies such as photo-book creation websites, software or similar. You personally should profit from any items you create and sell from products you've purchased. You cannot sell them on to a large company that will then sell them on further. NO MASS PRODUCTION.

  • not create products to sell on websites such as CAFE PRESS, SOCIETY 6, ZAZZLE etc.

  • store any purchased item on a network or the Internet where it may be referenced by a third party, this includes but is not limited to, yahoo lists, emailing, ftp, Facebook groups, gaming, online communities. Sharing this product, in part or as a whole, is strictly prohibited and against the law.

  • Redistribute, sell, share, loan this product either in part or as a whole

  • create digital scrapbooking kits create card making kits

  • create image editing tools such as patterns, brushes, styles from my seamless tiles unless for your own Personal Use

  • create packs of images, photographs for sale from my products either in part or as a whole.

  • not create products for sale with a commercial licence

Copyright ‐ please note that it is illegal to reproduce, sell, copy and/or redistribute copyrighted material without the expressed permission of copyright owner.

Giving Credit ‐ no credit is required (but would be greatly appreciated) unless your projects are being printed in books, magazine, e‐books.

Please email me or use the Contact page should you require any further clarification about this licence.

I reserve the right to alter or amend the terms set out in this licence at any time. This will always be the most up to date version.

Last reviewed and edited on 29th April 2019

Diane Rooney brand is part of Stedi Arts Ltd, a UK registered Limited Company
©Diane Rooney 2019 All Rights Reserved