with my granddaughter

with my granddaughter


I’m Diane, freelance fabric designer, workshop teacher and digital artist with a passion to help and inspire others in their own creative pursuits.

I’m a homemaker at heart and enjoy many creative pursuits including patchwork quilting, crochet, writing and memory keeping.

I live in the heart of Cornwall, UK, with my artist husband surrounded by stunning English countryside, picturesque coves and gorgeous beaches.

Home, family and a simple life is at the heart of all I do. I'm grateful to be able to pursue my creative passions everyday both as work and play.

I believe in the joy of the creative process, embracing the imperfections and am passionate about my work.  My hope is that my own dreams, aspirations and what I create and share, inspires others in their own creative pursuits, goals and dreams.


I would describe myself as a late bloomer having started my career path later in life after my family had flown the nest. It really evolved from starting out as a hobby.  Putting together all the things I love doing from various art, craft and design hobbies over the years.  I am primarily self-taught. My work has included:-

  • Creating bespoke designs for a UK photo book company, and has been featured in UK craft magazines & on Ideal World Shopping channel.

  • In 2012 I had an opportunity to work with award winning UK Illustrator & Craft professional, Sarah Hurley on Channel 4’s Kirstie Allsopp’s new craft series, Vintage Homemade.

  • I designed  graphics for a UK software company, Serif, for their Craft Artist Professional software through their Daisy Trail website.

  • I’ve been a professional 3d texture artist & content creator selling my products at DAZ3D for just over 12yrs (as of 2016).

  • Freelance fabric design. My first collection, Merryn, was for Makower UK

  • Teaching workshops at my local fabric shop


I have four grown up children and four grand children. They are a huge part of my life and inspire all I do. I loved being a stay at home Mum even on the most difficult and tiring of days. Probably one of the most hardworking and undervalued jobs. I’m grateful now that I had my children close together and when I was quite young. It’s now given me the freedom to pursue and fully immerse myself into a creative career.

And Just for Fun

  • I was born in London but grew up in Cornwall

  • I have a strong, deep faith in God

  • I love living near the sea

  • I believe LOVE is the answer

  • I have French and Irish heritage

  • I went to the same school as Simon Cowell

  • I love good strong coffee, marzipan, chocolate and Mount Gay rum – not necessarily in that order

  • I’ve lived in USA and Norway

  • I’ve traced my Mum’s family back to the 17th Century

  • I love coffee table books

  • I love old fashioned English country pubs

  • I’m really fussy.  About almost everything.  I actually call it “attention to detail” but Steve insists I’m just fussy

  • I’m extraordinarily loyal

  • I don’t like crowds.

  • I love the thought of a magical world of fairies and pixies where Father Christmas + the Easter Bunny are real

  • The day I first met my husband was the same day we moved in together

  • I’ve seen the birth of two of my grandchildren and my niece

  • I’m only 5ft tall