Instructions For Sewing My Christmas Pocket Cushion Fabric Panel

Diane Rooney Christmas Pocket Fabric Panel 2019

The fabric panel comes in two colour ways - Traditional and Modern. They are 100% cotton calico and digitally printed using Digital Pigment Inks. No water is used in the process making them environmentally friendly. Each panel will make an approx. 14” (approx. 35 cm) cushion cover.

They are available exclusively at my local fabric shop, The Sewing Studio, for just £9.95 per panel/design. Click the following links to go to their online shop

Important Notice: While I make every effort to ensure all the instructions on my designs are correct, unfortunately errors are sometimes made. Instruction no. 5 on the panel should say “wrong” side down, not “right side” down. The tutorial here has the full and correct instructions. The original design has also now been amended. My sincere apologies.

Supplies to make the panel:

  • sewing machine

  • sewing kit including thread

  • scissors (or rotary cutter)

  • ruler

  • pinking shears or pinking rotary blade. Pinking shears are for tidying up the hem and prevent fraying. There is an alternative in the instructions here that don’t require them if you don’t have any.

How to Make Up the Cushion Cover

1. Prepare your fabric by washing it at 30degrees. Do not tumble dry. Gentle iron or press once dry. Cut out each piece of the cushion and press. Tip: cut out the labels and pin to corresponding piece if it helps figure out the different pieces.

Diane Rooney Christmas Fabric Panel 2019

2. Back Panels - these will make the envelope back. Create a double hem by folding an approx. 1/4” over twice , press and sew, on the longest side (38cm) on each back panel.

Diane Rooney Christmas Cushion Panel 2019
Sew straight stitch on each of the back panels to create a neat seam

Sew straight stitch on each of the back panels to create a neat seam

3. Pocket - Fold the pocket piece in half, press and then sew about 1/4” from top of fold to create a nice neat hem. It also makes the pocket more stable rather than using 1 piece of fabric.

Diane Rooney Christmas Cushion Panel 2019

4. Pin the pocket piece to the front panel making sure the folded sewn piece of the pocket is in the middle

Diane Rooney Christmas Cushion Panel 2019

5. Carefully place the sewn front pocket piece wrong face down. Place the back panels on top of the front pocket piece (right sides together) making sure the hemmed pieces are towards the middle. Pin. They will overlap as this is what creates the envelope back.

Diane Rooney Christmas Cushion Panel 2019

6. Carefully sew approx. 1/4” to 1/2” all the way round. Remove pins.

Diane Rooney Christmas Cushion Panel 2019

7. Press all the way round.

8. To tidy up the edges, either trim with pinking shears or you can sew a zig zag stitch all the way round and then trim off excess fabric taking care not to cut into the stitches. You can also use an overedge foot, if you have one. The idea is to tidy up the edges to prevent fraying as much as possible.


9. Once you’ve done your edges, press. Cut off each of the corners taking care not to cut into any stitches. This will reduce bulk when turning right side out.

10. Turn the cushion cover right side out carefully pushing the corners right out. Carefully roll and press all the way round. And that’s your pocket cushion cover made. Get a 14” cushion pad. A 12” or 13” will also be ok - it depends how snug or loose you like your cushion covers.

Diane Rooney Christmas Cushion Fabric Panel